Ten Random Facts About Me


1. I am a pharmacy technician at Walgreens Pharmacy which I find to be kind of boring, because all I really do is count pills and deal with very rude customers who blame us for all of the problems of their life.

2. My dream goal is to become a marketing manager for L’Oréal cosmetics , I picked this company because I personally feel that you get what you pay for. Maybe even a little bit more than what you pay for. I would to be apart of that.

3. Doing make up is my real passion, I really dislike it in the pharmacy


Make up by Floss on a girls night out! Picture of me taken by myself on SnapChat

4. I went to Lincoln Middle school where I was the cheerleading captain and in the Lyceum program. The lyceum program was a gifted program where I was able to take various high school classes in middle school and this gave me a head start to finish high school early.

5. Reading Wattpad is my favorite thing to do outside of school and work. I am able to relax and see the world so much differently.

6. Law and Order: Special Victim Unit is favorite show to watch on my free time.


Meme from funsubstance.com


7. Me and my family love to travel and go on trips together. Seeing the world and the whole entire world is our main goals of life. But the one trip we are looking forward to going to is Dubai.

8. Sometimes I see myself becoming a lawyer because I love the show How To Get Away with murder.


9. I can count the number of friends I have on one hand. Merely because I am not as friendly as I use to be and I’ve started to focus on myself and do what makes me truly happy.

10. I am going to start a YouTube channel where I will do funny story times and make up tutorials. I see myself going very far in that industry. So if you would like to subscribe me in advance please do.



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