Real is not Rare

“Dear Diary,

I don’t know whether I should be ashamed or elevated. I only know that last night I had the most incredible experience of my life. It sounds morbid when I put it in words, but actually it was tremendous and wonderful and miraculous.”


Go Ask Alice by Anonymous is a real diary by a 15 year old. This is a great read, it is 213 pages. It is one of the easier reads because it’s her diary so on some days her writes in her diary are very simple, no more than about 7 words. That is one of the things I disliked about this book, it starts off slow to the point you would want to put the book down and not pick it up anymore. But on the other hand, it’s real. It’s a real teenager with real feelings and emotions, and this diary is her friend and her sanity. When she moved this book moved with her in every way possible.  She goes to her diary for all her problems when she was 15 they were simple problems that I would say all 15 year olds go through, the boys, the weight problems, and school work. Alice had dreams and goals of opening a boutique this diary shows that life has different plans than what a person mImage result for go ask aliceay be have but you have to be strong

Alice went to a party where she had a drink that had the drug LSD in it. This begin her downward spiral of her life, she left her home, moved out, and quit school. Alice was strong though she knew exactly how to get back on her feet and get her mind together. But drugs have an addiction urge for a reason. I think this does a great job in keeping the identity of the family and everyone who was around anonymous. It blanks out a lot of names and places that she had been to. That was another great reason to read this book because the mystery behind the book pulls you. You want to know who this person is, you want to know on what corner did she want to open her boutique, you want to know who’s law office did she run to when she was about to raped in the park. So as you can see real is not rare bad things happen to people everyday, it’s the way a person gets out of situation and capitalize on it and this is exactly what this great book taught me.



6 thoughts on “Real is not Rare

  1. I really, really strongly dislike this book. I read it once years ago and couldn’t relate with the narrator whatsoever, but it’s interesting to see that your perspective on it was so different. It makes me wanna give it another chance!

    I liked that you included the element of mystery and how it drew you in, and I liked that you included a plot synopsis for people who are unfamiliar – or people like me who read it a long time ago.


  2. This sounds like a very interesting book. I love real life stories. This one seems even more appealing due to the fact she has to black out names and place. You can not get more real then that. I enjoyed reading your synopsis.


  3. This post gave me a lot of information about this book that on its own is very appealing. The only things I want to know more about is does this book cover a large span of time or just a few months/years?


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