The Kill Right On Time

“It ain’t easy saving the world, even once case at a time.”


A Time to Kill By John Grisham was the longest book I have ever took time to read. 515 pages of the excellence. This book has so many emotions all stirred up in one. This book begins with a young African American young girl begin raped and beaten by two white male named Pete and Billy Ray. They think that is ok and funny but Mr. Carl Lee, her farther, thinks otherwise. Now this book take place in 1980s in Mississippi where racism was prevalent. Carl Lee has a good friend, a white lawyer, named Jake. Jake was with Carl through thick and thin knowing that his friend wanted to kill this two guys, he said nothing to the police. I believe that the love in this book over comes all anger. This book gives a complete insight to what goes through rape victims father’s mind.

Carl Lee kills the two men! No that’s not a spoiler and no that’s not how the book ends. Pure Climax! The toe-curler is Carl Lee id that the people want Carl Lee receives the death penalty because of two disgusting men that abused his daughter. What goes on while Carl Lee is behind bars is the story. Jake does all that he can to protect his family because this case had reached the public and the public took things in their own hands. Billy Rae had a brother named Freddy, he wanted his revenge. He brought in the Ku Klux Klan also known as the KKK, this group brought so much havoc that people died. There is one con I have with this book and it’s that everyone can not read this book it’s very visual and it has the ability to paint a picture in one’s mind and leaving it there. I would not recommend this book to one who has been raped or abused. Overall wonderful story I would read it again. I wouldn’t recommend watching the movie until you read the book. It gives so much more details.

Words: 338


6 thoughts on “The Kill Right On Time

  1. This sounds like an interesting one, especially considering all the racial elements. If you haven’t read it before, I think Their Eyes Were Watching God may be a good book for you to start up afterwards. It has the same kind of themes – love, racism, community.


  2. Damn 😮 that’s wild seems like something that I would be feared by to read, although I might have to watch the movie. an also to anybody out there that has ever been abused or rape I pray for you an hope you get through that tough struggle because I know coming from that is hard.


  3. I’ve read another review of this book and yours is also very informative. This book seems very interesting. I really want to read this book to see it’s similarity to To Kill A Mockingbird. I really liked how you interpreted the book.


  4. I remember watching a movie about this I believe. It is pretty disgusting to still see a prevalence of the KKK near modern times and I believe this book shows the effects that they have pretty well. I might read it.


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