50 Shades of Happiness

“There’s a very fine line between pleasure and pain. They are two sides of the same coin, one not existing without the other”

E.L James

I read 50 shades of Grey E. L. James. Since lately I’ve been reading longer books I am proud to say that I read a book of 514 pages and I do feel accomplished. This book start out with Anastasia also known as Ana taking the place of her friend Kate who was head of the news paper and got sick and couldn’t do an important interview with an the rich Christian Grey. This is where these two main characters meet. He makes her sign contracts in order to have a relationship with him which also includes a lot of BDSM acts.  In order to have this relationship she can’t speak of their sexual encounters or anything of that nature to anyone but it takes her sometime to sigh the contract. BDSM turns into abuse and Ana finds  that her and Christian shouldn’t be together. 50ShadesofGreyCoverArt.jpg

Let’s get to my opinion things. I feel that this book was incredible. I know it makes a few people upset but this book  is real. This happens in real life and people seem to look over it. It actually an eye-opener to see that some men have a different definition of what sex is supposed to be like. And in that case when does the court becomes involve or the legal acts. If two people are having sex but the sex is harming one is it only abuse when the person speaks up? Or is a person’s definition of sexual intercourse accounted for in that case. I personally understand why this book is in the category of banned and challenged books. No child should read this, it simply can change the mind of a child and what they think sex should be like. I do think in order to read this book you have to be mature and don’t let the book influence the way you do things.


Words: 312


7 thoughts on “50 Shades of Happiness

  1. Hi! I would urge you to look up some real BDSM practices – a lot of people in said community find 50 Shades really offensive towards their own breed of fetishizing. For instance, I remember reading a scene where Christian says something about how he’s going to tie her up, and that if she makes a sound he’ll gag her? There should be a conversation about safe-words and such beforehand.

    50 Shades definitely wasn’t my cup of tea, but I understand your perspective is that everyone is different. Happy reading!


  2. Doesn’t look like the type of book ill ever read. I’d fall asleep reading this as I do not enjoy reading books between relationships. They always seem to be cheesy and unrealistic. I will keep in mind to not let my kids read this book in the future!


  3. This was actually a really good review, you somehow were able to get the main idea together in a short summary. Although i cant agree with you on it being a good book, because i have never read it but ive heard it evokes strong emotion and is very controversial, but isn’t a book all about sex. Great review.


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