What’s Up With You?

“In my mind love didn’t live, breathe, or exist.”

– Lovely James

Update on the make up word and life! It’s going great! I’ve learned so many techniques and is trying to contact my “inner self’ and learn to be more creative. And do more things with my life. I want to start a YouTube channel I want it to be more than make up but just life itself. If I could see my life through video I would be hooked! Like a TV show. I want people to see my journey to the top and I want to look back on my journal and let other girls know how they could be better then me. As far as make up goes I think I have mastered the “Glitter Cut and Crease”! I wish I could gain clientele, but I don’t post my work enough and I don’t do a face every week to constantly put forth my work. So I might have to put a little more dedication into broadcasting my work. I was always told that if you want more, you will do more. Image-1 (7)

Another excitement is the book I’m reading. So in class we had the assignment to choose our own books and not go by the list of banned and challenge books. If you know me, I am WattPad crazy and just knew I was going to be doing a report on those. But my professor told me it was a no go. I had to have a physical book and it had to be over 150 pages. So I went to Facebook and asked was there any WattPad who published a physical book. With that I found that a Gainesville author from WattPad published Down For Love and her name is Jasmine Ciera. I am actually finished with the book and it was 235 pages. I finished it in one day. Like I am in love with the book and even more in love with the fact that some one from my home town can take their talent and do great things with them! A review comes next week be on the look out!!

Words: 345


3 thoughts on “What’s Up With You?

  1. I’m glad you are doing well and have figured out this thing called ‘school.’ If you ever figure out how to fix ADD or just a general lack of focus, it would be interesting to see a blog post on that. Otherwise, good writing. I hope to see more.


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