No Goodbyes, Simple Hellos.

Well this has been a wonderful year in my English class. I love my blog! I love that I have learned about this site! I am in college and I just learned how to read a book without skimming though it, I started off hard though, I just simply didn’t want to read. I hated anything that had to do with reading for school, but then there was banned and challenged books where I stepped up and read where I was “not supposed to read”. But going further I am not trying to strictly focus on books or even English.

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My Idol Aaliyah Jay


I am switching to completely make-up! I’m going to start doing tutorials giving ideas for make-up looks to show people what to wear to go on dates. This is going to become strictly girly girl so to speak. I don’t want to lose my followers but this is a BIG WARNING that I am switching gears for the better of myself and to broadcast my work. I am going to be taking a small break small break in order to get myself together. Build a vanity get my lights in order and make sure the that the videos and pictures I will be providing are in the best quality as possible. My dream is to meet Aaliyah Jay, because she taught me everything I know now, and the ins and outs of make-up. I want to be that inspiration to some one. I want to make it to New York and own the best make up.  These are my dreams and I don’t mind sharing them with the world. I switch out of the medical field to do what makes me happy and my happiness starts right here with this blog! I will appreciate the support from everyone and if you have any advice to help me get on my feet please let me know. It’ll be very helpful.

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What Is Really Love?

“Yea, well beauty doesn’t mean nothing if you can’t afford the clothes to fit in and lived in the projects.”

-Lovely James

Ok I am very excited to do this book review! Simply because as I stated before this is a local writer who published her book from my all time favorite app, Wattpad! So what I am reading is Down For Love by Jasmine Ciera with 235 pages. So let’s get into this plot! This story actually takes place in Gainesville Florida. It begins with a girl name Lovely James, she doesn’t have a farther in her life but she does have a drunken mother. Who beat her and made her do so many cruel things just to get money. Lovely was at the top of her game in school though, she made all A’s and was at the top of her class. Lovely was picked on because of what she wore and only had one friend who was surprisingly one of the most popular girls there. She looked out for Lovely and her name was Kandi. And then there is the big Clayton “Clay” Jewels the all around star. Basketball, football, big drug dealer and the son of the town mayor. Image-1 (7)

There is all the background info of this story. It is now about to be real! Long story short Clayton isn’t passing school and Lovely is the one appointed by the principle to tutor him, at this point she upset because she doesn’t know how it is going to benefit her. She soon finds out that she can receive a letter of recommendation from the mayor for all her college applications. Clayton’s mom takes Lovely in as her own and see the good in her. Her and Clayton slowly gains a relationship but the twist is what I can not tell you! There are many trials and obstacles in there relationship because of drugs, kidnappings, college, children, and even deaths of family members. PLEASE READ!

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