No Goodbyes, Simple Hellos.

Well this has been a wonderful year in my English class. I love my blog! I love that I have learned about this site! I am in college and I just learned how to read a book without skimming though it, I started off hard though, I just simply didn’t want to read. I hated anything that had to do with reading for school, but then there was banned and challenged books where I stepped up and read where I was “not supposed to read”. But going further I am not trying to strictly focus on books or even English.

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My Idol Aaliyah Jay


I am switching to completely make-up! I’m going to start doing tutorials giving ideas for make-up looks to show people what to wear to go on dates. This is going to become strictly girly girl so to speak. I don’t want to lose my followers but this is a BIG WARNING that I am switching gears for the better of myself and to broadcast my work. I am going to be taking a small break small break in order to get myself together. Build a vanity get my lights in order and make sure the that the videos and pictures I will be providing are in the best quality as possible. My dream is to meet Aaliyah Jay, because she taught me everything I know now, and the ins and outs of make-up. I want to be that inspiration to some one. I want to make it to New York and own the best make up.  These are my dreams and I don’t mind sharing them with the world. I switch out of the medical field to do what makes me happy and my happiness starts right here with this blog! I will appreciate the support from everyone and if you have any advice to help me get on my feet please let me know. It’ll be very helpful.

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